Carmen Buck Videos

I attended NAPW March Meeting in ATX this week - Powerful Women of SXSW last night and met some amazing women. I had my own little epiphany too. Thanks to Terri Gruca KVUE. We all play important roles in one another's lives. It's important to be vulnerable enough to share our truths- our stories. Take a listen to what happened!
Tuesday Tell All- FaceBook Live- Today's topic- Our Fur Family- Pet and Family Photography and the beautiful mix of video and stills
What happens when a family gets together in their own backyard for a photo session? Magic!
Tuesday Tell All #1- about Vicky and Lasiter
Tuesday Tell All is about people's stories. Today its about caregiving, love, isolation and trying to stay 'normal' in the face of dementia. I share what I learned from Joan, David and Kristan. Enjoy!
Tuesday Tell All 2/21/17 Beth and Jude
About beauty, our perceptions and why we need to exist in photos!