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Texas Photographer Specializes in Alzheimer’s, Capturing Treasured Moments for Families

Alzheimer’s News, By Carolina Henriques

Carmen Buck captures meaningful photographs during ordinary times.

It’s easy to forget — or be reluctant — to take family photographs when a member of the family is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. The daily challenges, the ups and downs, can take a huge toll on patients and caregivers alike.

Still, it is still important to remember and honor the ordinary moments.

Carmen Buck, a photographer in Austin, Texas, is doing precisely that. Buck, the official photographer for Alzheimer’s Texas, is working to help families treasure moments and the memories they bring.

“One family told me, ‘These photos are priceless and mean so much to us now that she is gone,’” Buck said in a press release. “Families don’t know how to honor and create meaningful memories as unexpected changes occur with their loved ones and relationships.”

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Austin Photographer Carmen Buck Preserves Alzheimer’s Families’ Dignity and Memories With Pictures

Alzheimer’s Texas, By Carmen Buck

This month we have a special guest author for our Alzheimer’s Texas Blog, Carmen Buck, former nurse practitioner who has helped many families cope with the challenges of dementia.

Sarah and her father discussed his Living Will 10 years ago. Howard went to his attorney and updated his will, created a living will, a medical power of attorney (assigned his daughter as agent) and a power of attorney about 10 years ago. He and his daughter Sarah talked a little about his wishes but the topic was uncomfortable and anyway, they thought they weren’t going to have to worry about it for a long time. The living will was tucked away with other legal papers and not thought about until he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. He reminded Sarah of his living will and advised her that he wanted to be at home until he needed more care. He didn’t want her to worry about him. He even went as far as to choose a long term care facility for himself just in case. He also told her that when he was moved to the long term care facility, he wanted his medications and any assistive devices discontinued. These details were in his living will 10 years ago.

Sarah wants to honor his wishes, but can’t imagine how she will make that decision on his behalf when the time comes. She worries most about stopping his medications. She’s not quite sure if the Living Will is the same thing as Advanced Directives or the legalities of his papers.

What should Sarah do?

It is important to be informed. Sarah needs to know about the various legal documents.

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