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In Part 1, we talked about why you simply must tell your life stories. Today I’ll give you some guidance on how to tell your story so you too can discover the healing power of storytelling.

Storytelling – It Takes a Village?

Even if we feel alone, there are always other people in our lives. Your story might be YOUR story with your unique perspectives. Another story might be one thread of a larger tapestry. For example, I keep a video diary and 2-3 times a week I record a short video for myself. I will include the blessings in my life, and also the challenges. I can be honest and truthful, because it is for me. I’m also making a set of videos for my grandson. I have a list of questions that serve as a guide. I also set up the camera and recorded my mother and I answering the same questions. It’s rather a comedy I would say, and something my grandchildren (her great grandchildren) will no doubt enjoy. How wonderful they get to hear our responses and also watch our love and sense of humor. This is the kind of foundation I want to leave for future generations.

Parts of Your Story

Stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. They answer who, what, where, why and when. They provide richness to our lives because they heal, restore and inspire.

Stories can be told in a variety of ways. A few examples:

  • Written
  • Spoken including video
  • Images

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou

Decades of nursing helped me to reach deep and learn about my patients as the extraordinary people they each were. I’m not sure if I became a nurse because I loved getting to know people so much or if I discovered this after becoming a nurse. I know I actively sought jobs where I had time to spend with my patients. It turns out 40 years of nursing prepared me to use my talents in even bigger ways as an author, speaker and photographer!

After years of hearing people’s stories of love, devotion, compassion, challenge and triumph as they cared for their loved ones with dementia, I was determined to help them tell their stories. The world needs to hear these inspiring stories. How did I tell these stories? I wrote a book called “Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia.” Portraits captured the love. Challenging times became sacred moments, and my life was also changed. I not only helped share their stories, but I became a part of their stories. Yes, hearing the special stories of others impacts the listener and the story teller. It truly is magic!

The Healing Energy of an Image

As a portrait and humanitarian photographer, I recognize the power of images and how integral they are to our histories. Without our stories, our histories become shallow and unremarkable. We can’t let that happen! When stories are told, our histories become deep and meaningful. At Carmen Buck Photography, I actively partner with families and businesses to tell the stories they want to gift to future generations. I work with businesses to dig deep and tell their unique story which is how they can attract the clients who will love them.

At our core, we want to be heard!
6 Ways to Tell Your Story

  1. Hire me! Having a trusted partner with whom to share your story and help you dig deep for meaning and feelings is key.
  2. Keep a journal. It’s a great beginning.
  3. Record videos using your computer, smart phone, camera… Modern technology has made this relatively easy. Be sure and back it up.
  4. Take pictures! Back up your digital library
  5. Get those images printed- either make a book or get individual images printed. Magic happens when you hold an image in your hands. Also, we don’t know what the future of technology will look like. Those 8-tracks and cassettes I once cherished can’t be played anymore because the devices are outdated. My computer doesn’t have a place for CD/DVD. Prepare for the future.
  6. Write some details about those pictures. Don’t rely on your memory. Write the date and pertinent details as soon as you get them.

Ready? Set and go! Start today by writing in your journal or grab your smart phone and record a short video. The good news- you can’t go wrong!

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Get your FREE chapter from Carmen's new book,"Just See Me-Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia"

Thank you! Please check your email for a message from Carmen with a link to download your chapter.